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Come walk with us!!

Are you in Western MA?! Are you a Hooman with a hound?! Does your hound occasionally need to be in an upright position and do the moving thing?! Do you enjoy the company of other hooman people after a long week of tending to your hounds every need and whim?! Does your hound enjoy the company of other hounds in the upright position doing the moving thing in the same direction!!?? THEN JOIN OUR WALKING GROUP!!!

The foster hounds of Gemini's Pampered Greyhounds, Inc. will be in attendance to work on their socialization and meet potential adopters. 1st Sunday of the Month: Norwottuck Rail Trail, Hadley, Massachusetts meeting in the parking lot behind Walmart at 1pm 2nd Sunday of the Month: Norwottuck Rail Trail, Northampton, Massachusetts meeting at the entrance by Stop and Shop at 1pm 3rd Sunday of the Month: Childs Park, Northampton, Massachusetts. Meeting at 1pm 4th Sunday of the Month: Upper Lake, South Hadley (Mount Holyoke College). Meeting at 1pm

Please read through our safety guidelines and join the group on Facebook for more info here:

OR email us at for more information

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