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Tag Sale, Raffle, and Silent Auction to raise money for the fosters on April 30th!!!

We are looking for donation items that can be used in the sale, raffle, bake sale, and auction! Contact us if you are interested in donating an item and stop by on April 30th from 8am-4pm!

Past Events

NEW MEET AND GREET LOCATION: The GPG hounds visit The Grateful Hound in Northampton. 4/16/16

Ambassadog Sophia and GPG volunteers visitted The Grateful Hound in Northampton yesterday to  promote Greyhound adoption!

GPG volunteers run Valentine's Day Bake Sale to raise money for our our wonderful fosters!

 If you were at MHC on February the 9th or the 11th from 1-7pm, you may have seen our GPG volunteers at the Valentine's Day Bake sale! Customers were Greyt Valentines and helped support our Fosters by buying one of our delicious cupcakes, decadent brownies, and delectable chocolates! All proceeds went towards the care our pups rely on while they wait for their furever families!

Gigi and Brenda visit Mount Holyoke College's vertabrate anatomy class to teach students about Greyhound Anatomy

Racing Greyhounds are the second fastest land animals and have some pretty impressive anatomical features that make than so good at what they do. Gigi and Brenda wanted to help MHC students learn a bit more about why retired racers are so unique, so they visitted the vertabrate anatomy class! They also got a lot of good experience being in new places and meeting lots of new people! Learn more about there visit and Greyhound anatomy HERE.

GPG Fosters visited Mount Holyoke College to help students de-stress before final

MHC Finals Pet-A-Pet 12/17/15
GPG volunteers
So many people!!
Quick and some of the Volunteers

Fosters Quick, Gigi, and Boomer attended the MHC Pet-A-Pet event to help students de-stress and get a little puppy-love to help them through their finals! The event was a huge success and everyone had a blast, including our wonderful therapy-fosters. What pup wouldn't love the attention of over 150 loving college students!? 


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