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Check out our wonderful "Alum-dogs" who have found their forever homes and are enjoying retired life. This is why we do what we do!!

JA's Iceworm


Icee is loving the pampered life!

Icee has settled beautifully into her furever home and is such a pleasure to have around.  She loves going for walks through the woods, meeting new people (especially kids, who think she is a deer!), playing with her toys, and getting cozy in each of her beds for a nap.  She has also become quite the adventurer - she travels to the lake to go sunbathing and swimming in the summer, and has even had her tootsies in the ocean at the beach in York, Maine.  We are very greytful to Gemini’s for bringing such a wonderful little girl into our lives!

Lonesome Nicky


Nicky is now living happily in his forever home with his sister Rosie!

"Lisa matched us PERFECTLY with Nicky. He is the perfect big dog friend for our little poodle, Rosie"


Deco Deedee Lee

Adopted June 2015 


DeeDee is enjoying life with her Hooman sister and her Furever Family

My dog Deedee
Since Deedee came I was glad to have a dog.  I was surprised that she slept all day.  I like having her as a good pet. She is a large black/brown dog.  She is sweet and affectionate.  I like greyhounds.  


UMR Rough Rider

Adopted July 2015 

Rusty bounded into our lives on Christmas in July, 2015, settled right in, and is pretty much the best present ever. He is a goofy, happy, energetic companion who lives life to its fullest. Rusty was diagnosed with PRA (a progressive eye disease resulting in blindness) before we adopted him. Our last Greyhound, who lived with us from 2001-2011, also had PRA, so blind dogs are nothing new to us. Rusty still has some eyesight; it is hard to know how much, because blind dogs adapt so well that it's easy to think they can see when they actually can't! He will occasionally bump into something, but still takes the porch steps in a single bound and still catches toys that are tossed to him. We're so glad to have adopted him while he still had some eyesight so that he can acclimate to his surroundings before going blind. He's got the house down, and is comfortable going for walks around the neighborhood and on the canalside bike path. He also has no trouble locating human faces in the morning with his cold, wet nose. We are so glad to have found him and grateful to GPG for sticking with him and giving him a chance.


RWC Wild River

Adopted December 2014

Love! The only word we could possibly use to describe our Dobby! Formerly RWC Wild River, he agreed to let us take him home about a year ago during a week of never-ending rainstorms in December and we have never looked back. He quickly became an integral part of our family and now we can’t imagine what life was like before Dobby came into our home and our hearts! He has even converted our extended family into dog lovers (many of whom were scared of dogs before meeting our “baby”). We look back fondly on the day we first met Dobby and he leaned up against us and looked up at us for approval. The rest… well, its history now!

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