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Our Mission


Gemini's Pampered Greyhounds, Inc. (GPG), is a 501c(3) non-profit Greyhound adoption group, based in Amherst MA. It is GPG's Mission to promote Greyhound adoption by finding responsible, loving, appropriate homes for Greyhounds that fail to qualify for racing, regardless of their age and health condition. 

Our aim is to raise public awareness about the breed by giving the public an opportunity to meet others who have adopted greyhounds, to learn more about the breed, and to find out what wonderful companions and furkids this breed becomes when they retire from their racing career.   

GPG will arrange and provide for all necessary medical care including making sure all Greyhounds/retired racers are spayed/neutered before they are adopted, and will gradually transition Greyhounds from their racing career to retirement and placement into a permanent (forever) home. GPG will arrange temporary volunteer (foster) homes for Greyhounds while they are waiting for their adoption by permanent (forever) homes/families. 

Furthermore, it is GPG's mission to organize and provide Greyhounds/retired racers with socialization and training to prepare them for adoption. In addition to the care and adoption of the Greyhounds, it is GPG's mission to assist, instruct, and educate the public and adoptive families about the Greyhound breed, responsible pet ownership, and the overall care, treatment, and training of Greyhounds. 

Gemini’s Pampered Greyhounds Inc. believes strongly in education and highly encourages adopters and volunteers to form their own opinions based on first-hand experience in the Greyhound community. For many years we identified ourselves as “racing neutral”, however we now believe it is important that we accurately represent ourselves and each Greyhound who has come through our doors. After 20+ years of heavy involvement in Greyhound adoption and first-hand experience with the industry, trainers, owners, breeders, kennel hands, and vets it is our belief that the US racing industry holds the care and safety of their dogs to the highest standard.


We have had the pleasure of fostering 60+ dogs who were a product of the racing industry, and every single one of them came to us healthy, happy, and loved. We have had fosters whose owners knew they’d never race but loved them just as much as the best racer in their kennel. We’ve had fosters who had health needs that might have been fatal if they didn't have someone knowledgeable enough to act immediately and then dedicated enough to spend sleepless nights nursing them back to health. We’ve had fosters whose trainers still check up on them and fosters who make immediate connections to people who look like their favorite lead out. It is our belief that without these responsible trainers and breeders we wouldn't have the wonderful dogs that we adopt to you. We recognize that there is a lot of misinformation circulating about the treatment and welfare of racing greyhounds and strongly encourage everyone to understand the truth about the racing industry by reading through the links listed below. We are always happy to answer questions about these fabulous athletes.

American Greyhound Council

All About Greyhounds

National Greyhound Association

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