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Please read before filling our our application! 
Update 12/10/2020: With greyhound racing tracks closing in Florida, there is an exceptionally high demand for greyhounds right now and a very low supply.  We are also short staffed because of the pandemic.  So while we are continuing to process applications, we are doing so at a slower pace and without the ability to guarantee available greyhounds anytime soon.  We appreciate your interest and your continued support!  Please continue to check back with us in the coming months for updated information.
We ask that if you are serious about adopting a greyhound through our organization, please fill out our application by clicking the button below! This will help us get to know what you are looking for in a fuzzy new friend.
Here at GPG, we believe that greyhounds are the fantastic pets that they are because of their experience as racers, not in spite of it. As a pro-racing group, we work closely with tracks and the racing community to find forever homes for these retired athletes. We recognize that there is a lot of misinformation circulating about the treatment and welfare of racing greyhounds and strongly encourage our potential adopters to understand the truth about the racing industry by reading through the links listed below before applying to adopt. We are happy to answer any additional questions that you might have (part of our mission is public education after all), but if after reading you still feel strongly against greyhound racing, our group may not be a good match for you. 
American Greyhound Council
All About Greyhounds
National Greyhound Association
If you are serious about adopting after reading the above links, please fill out our application as completely as possible! This will help us make the best match that we can and make suggestions to help you find you and your family a new companion. Do you have kids? Other pets? Are you looking for a buddy to snuggle on the couch with or go for runs? Is a laid back pooch the friend for you? Answer these questions and more in our Application.
We look forward to helping you find a Greyt new friend!!

Click on the button below to fill out our Adoption Application:

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