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WELCOME TO OUR NEW ARRIVALS!! Shaq, Oregon, Jury, Jock, and Poppy

We are so thrilled to introduce 5 new arrivals from West Virginia!! Shaq, Crab Shack, is a 2 year old dark brindle boy. Oregon, All Alone, is a 2 year old red brindle boy. Jury, Kay Jade Jurry, is a blue fawn boy who will be 2 in September and made the long road to retirement with his brother Jock, Kay Jade Jock, who is a red boy. Our 5 new foster and only girl in the group is Poppy, Go on Popsicle, who is a 4 year old red girl!! These guys still need to have their spays/neuters done and have a little time to adjust to retirement, but we're hoping we already have a couple furever homes for them!

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