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Our 7+ year old fosters often get over looked because they're a bit more grey than other greyhounds. In order to bring attention to our older fosters and help them find their perfect family we are offering a reduced adoption fee to whom ever adopts one of the  available lovely 7+ ladies below
Regular Adoption Fee
7+ Adoption Fee

Mercy retired from racing and joined a prison program in Florida where she was paired with an inmate who trained her and helped her adjust to retired life. She was adopted by her partner in the program but had to be given up due to unfortunate circumstances. She is used to being in a house and is very well mannered! She knows sit, stay, roll over, paw, and lay down commands but prefers to be bribed with treats! She is a collector of fine toys and falls asleep every night snuggling her teddy bear. Mercy is our VIP foster and loves to attend our Meet and Greets. She LOVES people and is very happy to roll onto her back for belly rubs. She enjoys playing with other big dogs but does not get along with smaller animals. She would also do best in a home on her own since that is what she's used to. Mercy is an amazing girl and has so much love to give. If you are looking for a companion dog, Mercy will be your never ending source of warmth, love, and support.

Addison is a retired brood and was a racer in her youth. She had one litter of three puppies in 2011before coming to GPG. Addison has been in two homes since she retired but in both situations she was returned to no fault of her own. Even though she's had to be separated from people she's bonded with she always greets us with a happy tail and love in her eyes. The volunteers who work with her know her as a sweet and gentle girl who is always up for a good game of fetch in the backyard. Addison is known for her thick downy coat and big bunny ears that always stand up. She plays with her big dog friends and was with another dog in one of her previous homes. Addison enjoys sitting in the sun and being close to the people she's around. If you are looking for a sweet gentle girl and are ready to open up your heart to her then Addison would make a perfect hound for you.

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